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LOW 6.25
OPEN 520.97
BAM 19.79

Brandywine Asset Management, Inc.’s Investment Team

Michael Dever

Founder, CEO & Director of Research

Mr. Dever began trading in 1979 and founded Brandywine Asset Management in 1982. As the head of research at Brandywine, he developed the highly successful Brandywine Benchmark Trading Program, which he traded 1991-1998. Mr. Dever is also the author of the ground-breaking book Exploiting the Myths: Profiting from Wall Street’s misguided beliefs, which became an Amazon best seller under the popular title Jackass Investing: Don’t do it. Profit from it. Mr. Dever has also been the featured subject of three books written by others.

Joe Gabor


Mr. Gabor has over 20 years of trading, portfolio management, and advisory experience, with an emphasis on derivatives and market neutral strategies. He has pioneered trading desks at DLJ and Lehman Brothers, and was a partner at Cantor Fitzgerald. He has been an advisor to leading hedge funds and corporations. Mr. Gabor was a four year academic scholarship recipient at the University of Pennsylvania.