OPEN 20.00
LOW 6.25
OPEN 520.97
BAM 19.79

Brandywine History

Mike Dever began investment research and trading.
Mr. Dever founded Brandywine Asset Management, Inc. and continued trading on a discretionary (non-systematic) basis.
1989 – 1998
Developed and traded (1991-1998) Brandywine Benchmark Program, which averaged 21.25% annualized returns throughout the period.
The Brandywine Benchmark Program stopped trading with Mr. Dever’s departure for Corp. in late 1998. Spree, founded by Mr. Dever in 1996, had become the world’s 7th most-trafficked e-commerce website.
Formed Brandywine Equity Trading (mutual fund arbitrage) and Brandywine Alliance Fund (multi-strategy). Alliance was converted into Brandywine Alliance Plus Fund as its allocation to venture capital investing grew to over 50%. Market neutral equity, long-short equity, mutual fund arbitrage and futures strategies were traded in sub-accounts within Brandywine Alliance Plus Fund. By 2006 Brandywine Alliance Plus Fund became solely focused on its VC investments, and Brandywine ceased all trading in the sub-accounts.
Having successfully exited one of his venture capital companies, Mr. Dever began his return to the futures trading business in 2008 and focused on putting in place the technological and research groundwork essential to the launch of the Brandywine Investment Programs in July 2011.
Brandywine’s Investment Programs were launched in July 2011 with 2/3 of the core strategies used by the Brandywine Benchmark Program during the 1990’s. Additional strategies were developed to further diversify the programs and increase their risk-adjusted returns.